Dear Singaporean friends,


You have arrived on this page because you want to get the most of your holiday to Vietnam


Like you, as a Singaporean, it was really difficult moving around in Vietnam during my first trip. Everything was much more commercialized, and naturally more expensive. Places which we visited, ate, shopped, all seemed to be tourist traps. It was not a pleasant experience, and certainly not a fulfilling one.


12 years later, the language barrier still remains a problem and the tourism infrastructure is almost non-existent. However, we wish to help Singaporeans who are coming to Vietnam, because we believe that with a proper guide and an open-mind, you will discover many things about Vietnam that will fascinate you.


5 things you absolutely must do for a mind blowing experience.


You might say that mother nature was a little unfair in bestowing Vietnam with such an abundance of scenic spots. Many of these places are inaccessible to tourists, but with the right leads, you may find yourself in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.


Vietnam is one of the most underrated food capitals of Asia. Beyond just Pho and Vietnamese sandwich, we are also talking about hotpots, BBQ, seafood, local delights, and a whole menu of other delicacies. If you haven’t enjoyed the good food, you haven’t been to Vietnam.


Besides Ben Thanh market, the no.1 tourist market which is the no.1 TOURIST market for a reason, there are dozens of other local areas and streets where you can find amazing deals for local produce, fashion, art, silk, and souvenirs. Shop like a local, pay like a local.


Contrary to popular belief, Vietnamese people are actually very friendly. Many may not be able to converse in English, but a smile will definitely help to break down barriers. Take the first step, make a friend, and you will be surprised at how your trip could turn out.


A holiday is the best excuse to try something really different and be out of character. From ostrich riding, to white water rafting, to rowing a sampan along the mangrove, Vietnam offers some of the best opportunities for an adrenalin rush - for those who dare.

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