Must Try Halal Restaurants (With Certification) In Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

So we have heard it all before. Dubious restaurant owners claiming to serve Halal cuisine just to rip off the thousands of Muslim tourists who visit Ho Chi Minh city each year. The fact of the matter is, not all Halal restaurants take a strict stance in adhering to proper food handling procedures. As such, we have taken the extra step, and gone out in search of our favourite Muslim fare, that we have also confirmed is Halal certified. These restaurants serve some of the best halal food near Ben Thanh market, and are in close proximity to Muslim friendly hotels.


In no particular order of preference, below are the 4 that we have for you.


1. Redhouse Saigon:

Address: 417 Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 4, District 3 (click for map)

Price range: 50.000 VND – up to 220.000 VND / each dish

Specialty dishes: Braised Tofu in Claypot | Bamboo Clam Grilled with Spring Onion | Black Pepper Crab | Chilli Crab


Website: http://www.redhouse.com.vn/Home.aspx


Redhouse Saigon Muslim Halal restaurant Ho Chi Minh

Serai Restaurat Halal Muslim Halal restaurant Ho Chi Minh

2. Serai Restaurant Halal:

Address: 22 Thu Khoa Huan Street, District 1, (Click for map)

Price range: 80.000 VND – upto 340.000VND / each dish

Specialty dishes: Fried Siakap Fish in 3 Taste Sauce | Fried Rice Combination Coconut | Fried Spring Rolls With Seafood |

Fried Chicken Wings With Fish Sauce



3. Halal Saigon:

Address: 31 Dong Du, District 1, (Click for map)

Price range: 50.000VND – up to 330.000VND / each dish

Specialty dishes: Shrimp coated with egg yolk | steam fish with black bean sauce | sweet and sour catfish soup | fried chicken with butter and garlic


Website: http://www.halalsaigon.com.vn/


Halal Saigon Halal Muslim Halal restaurant Ho Chi Minh

Kampung Pandan Muslim Halal restaurant Ho Chi Minh

4. Kampung Pandan (Banana Leaf Saigon):

Address: 53 Thu Khoa Huan Street, District 1, (Click for map)

Price range: 50.000VND – up to 300.000VND / each dish

Specialty dishes: Red tilapia sambal | lemon grass chicken | Mackerel fried with mushroom | pumpkin flowers sauteed with beef


Website: http://www.bananaleafsaigon.com/ | http://www.kampungpandan.com/


We are still trying to grow this list of Halal certified restaurants (that serve amazing food) in Ho Chi Minh city, so do let us know if you come across anymore of them.


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Muslim tour Ho Chi Minh

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