About Us

Because we strongly believe that the true beauty of Vietnam lies in its local gems just waiting to be uncovered.


Simply because we were once visitors ourselves, we know exactly what visitors are missing out on. Coming to Vietnam for the first time, we realized that most websites and maps barely took us out of the tourist districts. Everything was much more commercialized, and naturally more expensive. Places which we visited, ate, shopped, all seemed to be tourist traps. It was not a pleasant experience, and certainly not a fulfilling one.


It was not until we met our local friends that our opinion about this country started to change. Thanks to them, our eyes were opened to the true beauty of Vietnam. No more touristy places, no more expensive restaurants; just a feast of plain and simple local culture and experiences. We now love Vietnam so much that we have decided to start Colours of Vietnam so that you too will be able to enjoy what other visitors have been missing out on for ages.


From Ho Chi Minh to Phu Quoc to Danang to Nha Trang to Halong to Hanoi, we have left our footprints on every step of the way. And each destination never fails to amaze us with its own blend of local delights. Unfortunately, with Vietnam's undeveloped tourism infrastructure, coupled with the locals' inadequacies in the English language, this luxury will still be unavailable to many ... until now.