Al Noor Masjid: The Only Mosque For Muslims In Hanoi

Al Noor mosque Hanoi
Photo credit: Al Noor mosque

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Islam in Vietnam has its roots in 19th century Cham migrants from Cambodia, who largely settled in the Mekong Delta region, and were strongly influenced by Islam that was imported from Malaya. For the next 100 years, many Muslims in Vietnam were persecuted, economically marginalized, and forced to be assimilated into the Vietnamese culture. This caused a mass exodus of Muslims, who fled mainly to Malaya.


Towards the 1980s, the Vietnamese stance on Islam gradually started to change. The Muslims were allowed to practice their religion more freely and in public, and new places of worship were permitted to be built for them. And even though several events involving violence towards Muslims were recorded in the 2000s, Islam, its followers, and beliefs are thought to have been accepted by the population at large. Today, there are over 70,000 practicing Muslims and 40+ masjids in Vietnam, most of them concentrated in the South, where the majority of Muslims currently reside. 


Due to its small community of Muslims, the Al Noor masjid is the only mosque in Hanoi. It has a capacity of 300, of which less than 60 worshippers are locals. The mosque is situated at 12 Hang Luoc, Hang ma, Hoan Kiem, which is just a few minutes' walk from the popular Dong Xuan market, in the heart of the Old Quarter. As such, there are also many popular Muslim friendly hotels and Halal restaurants and in the vicinity.


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