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About Our Rides

We provide a door to door transportation service using 7-seater and 16-seater vehicles. Depending on your group size, we will schedule a vehicle accordingly, that guarantees sufficient leg room and space for all your barang barang (things). Each passenger is entitled to 1 big luggage + 1 hand carry bag. In addition, our service also adheres to high safety and hygiene standards, to ensure that you get to your destination with peace of mind. All rides include a driver. A customer support officer will also be assigned remotely for the entire duration of your trip.


Price Illustration

Trip Duration 7-seater car price 16-seater car price
Ho Chi Minh airport transfer 45 mins - 1 hour 20usd 30usd
Hanoi airport transfer 1.5 - 2 hours 40usd 60usd
Day tours from Ho Chi Minh 5 - 10 hours 40usd - 85usd 50usd - 105usd
Day tours from Hanoi 5 - 10 hours 45usd - 90usd 60usd - 110usd

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