Ho Chi Minh City Volunteer Tour

Enhance your travels by sharing joy with the needy in Ho Chi Minh city



Each year, thousands of Vietnamese children are being abandoned on the streets, either because they were born out of wedlock, or simply because their parents no longer have the financial means to take care of them. If found, these children are brought to orphanages around the city, usually funded by private organisations and NGOs. But the number of children who need help continue to grow. Currently, the number of caretakers to children in orphanages is about 1 : 100. Hence, each child receives very little attention and care. The conditions of which they live in are also less than satisfactory. Thankfully for them, there are 80,000 people like you, as well as our corporate volunteers.



  • Half day orientation program
  • With the support of a trained facilitator, you may opt for one of the following placements:
    • Caring for children - helping children participate in educational activities
    • Renovation works - helping do simple tasks like painting or fixing
    • Maintenance works - helping do simple tasks like cleaning or cooking
    • Center operations - day-to-day management or fundraising projects - available for volunteers with a min. 2 weeks commitment


  • Very affordable fees - as an organisation committed to serving the community, our volunteer tour prices are kept as low as 90usd.
  • Safety-first - volunteer safety is a top priority for us, and we ensure that all necessary precautions have been put in place before the start of any project.
  • Integrity-first - the legitimacy of our partners have been ascertained through our numerous projects with them. Also, we do not accept donations in cash.
  • Good company - as a volunteer, you are always in the great company of our professional volunteer guides, as well as other experienced volunteers from all over the world.
  • Time for fun - volunteers who commit to 5 days or more will be treated to a complimentary "volunteers' day of fun" that is not offered in any of our packages.
Group size: 2-5 6-15 16-30 31-50 >50
Price per day (USD)   55 50 44  39 33 
Price for 1 week (USD)  366 327  229  196 164 
Price for 2 weeks (USD) 693  578  347   318 260 
Price for 4 weeks (USD)  1,309 1,001  601  551  450 
Price for 8 weeks (USD) 2,464  1,694   1,016 932   762
Price for 12 weeks (USD) 3,465  2,079  1,247   1,143 936 

  • Duration: Min 2 days
  • Min. 2 pax to travel
  • Pickup from hotel
  • Free cancellation 72 hours
  • Free customization

  • Daily transportation by taxi
  • Daily authentic local lunch
  • English speaking volunteer guide
  • Amenities: mineral water, wet wipes
  • Personal insurance
  • Personal expenses