The Best Restaurants In Ho Chi Minh City That Vegetarians And Vegans Should Not Miss Out On

Best vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in ho chi minh city vietnam

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Known for its rich history and dynamic street life, Ho Chi Minh city is also a haven for gastronomic gems, offering an impressive array of Vietnamese vegetarian food that cater to all palates. From innovative fusion dishes that blend traditional Vietnamese flavors with modern culinary techniques, to timeless classics prepared with fresh, local ingredients, these eateries are redefining the city's dining scene. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and explore the city's vegetarian fare at its finest, one dish at a time. Feast your senses – it's not just about eating, it's about discovering a culture through its food.


Hum, Cafe & Restaurant

Hum Café & Restaurant is a beacon of vegetarian cuisine in Ho Chi Minh. The restaurant's philosophy, "Eating Green, Living Hum," is a testament to its commitment to serving wholesome, plant-based meals in a serene and inviting environment. Signature dishes at Hum are a delightful blend of traditional Vietnamese flavors and innovative culinary techniques. Standouts include the Banana Flower Salad, a riot of textures and flavors, and the Tofu in Clay Pot, a hearty and warming dish perfect for a leisurely dinner.

Hoa Dang Restaurant

Next on our gastronomic journey is Hoa Dang Restaurant, a charming eatery in District 1. Known for its extensive menu that caters to all palates, Hoa Dang has created a niche for itself in the Ho Chi Minh's vegetarian food scene. The restaurant's signature dishes are a celebration of Vietnamese cuisine, with a vegetarian twist. The Lotus Root Salad is an absolute must-try, as is the Mushroom Hot Pot. The latter, a hearty, comforting dish, is perfect for those cool, rainy evenings.

Sale Vegan

Sale Vegan is a haven for those seeking healthy, flavorful Vietnamese vegan foods. The restaurant's philosophy is rooted in the belief that food should not only taste good but also be good for you. Standout dishes at Sale Vegan include the Vegan Pho, a plant-based take on the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, and the Vegan Pizza, a delicious, guilt-free indulgence. The restaurant also serves a variety of smoothies and juices, perfect for a quick pick-me-up.

Mang's Mania

Mang's Mania is an innovative vegetarian restaurant in Ho Chi Minh that serves up a delicious array of dishes, all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant's signature dishes are a testament to its commitment to delivering high-quality vegetarian cuisine. The Vegan Pho is a flavorful and heartwarming dish that's a favorite among customers. On the other hand, the Vegan Spring Rolls are a perfect starter, packed with fresh vegetables and served with a tangy dipping sauce.

Shamballa Vegetarian, Restaurant & Tea House

This tranquil eatery offers a diverse menu of vegetarian dishes, each prepared with care and attention to detail. Signature dishes at Shamballa include the Tofu in Clay Pot and the Vegetable Curry, both of which showcase the restaurant's commitment to creating flavorful, wholesome vegetarian dishes in Ho Chi Minh. The tea menu is equally impressive, featuring a variety of traditional Vietnamese teas as well as innovative blends.

Bep Xanh An Duyen

Bep Xanh An Duyen is a delightful Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant in Ho Chi Minh, beckoning food enthusiasts with a menu brimming with signature dishes. Indulge in the flavorful Pho, a tantalizing blend of rice noodles, aromatic broth, and tender meats. Savor the crispy and savory Banh Xeo, and let your taste buds dance with joy over the vibrant and fresh Goi Cuon (spring rolls)

Golden Lotus Restaurant

Golden Lotus Restaurant offers a diverse menu of dishes, all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant's commitment to serving high-quality vegetarian cuisine is evident in its carefully curated menu. Signature dishes at Golden Lotus include the Vegan Pho and the Vegan Spring Rolls, both of which are a testament to the restaurant's focus on delivering high-quality vegetarian cuisine in Ho Chi Minh. The Pho, in particular, is a flavorful, comforting dish that's perfect for a leisurely lunch or dinner.

Man Tu Vegan

Step into a truly exceptional dining experience at this restaurant—a vegetarian buffet in Ho Chi Minh. Upon arrival, you decide the amount to contribute in the box at the counter before relishing your meal. The price is entirely at your discretion, allowing you the freedom to contribute according to your satisfaction. It's an ideal spot for budget-conscious diners seeking a delightful culinary adventure.

Vegetarian Metta

Your dining experience becomes a nature-infused cocoon adorned with Buddhist decor, even finding the plants beautifully incorporated into your plates. Discover a diverse array of delectable dishes and homemade beverages at this vegetarian restaurant in Ho Chi Minh, that will entice your taste buds with authentic local flavors. Embrace the mushroom-centric culinary delights, perfect for those who relish mushrooms in every savory form.

Chay Mandala

As you step inside Chay Mandala, you're embraced by the enchanting fusion of Tibetan and authentic Vietnamese ambiance at this charming vegetarian eatery in Ho Chi Minh. The captivating decor mirrors the culinary blend it offers. Indulge in delightful dishes brimming with fresh vegetables and aromatic spices, embodying simplicity and flavor. Though cozy, the warm and welcoming atmosphere ensures a memorable dining experience.

Unearthing the gastronomic gems of Ho Chi Minh City is a delightful journey that takes you through a variety of cultures, cuisines, and experiences. Each restaurant has its unique charm, offering a unique perspective on vegetarian cuisine. From innovative fusion dishes to traditional Vietnamese classics, there's something for every palate. So, pack your appetite and embark on this culinary adventure – it's a feast for the senses!


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